Waterdown City View Park Fall Family Shoot

<script> const searchread_63fd0ce62862122918991f9b = `<h1 data-tokenid="text1" class="slide-asset BLG_F20 BLG_W4 BLG_S13 BLG_H2 BLG_L1">Waterdown City View Park Fall Family Shoot</h1><div data-tokenid="text3" class="slide-asset BLG_F21 BLG_W2 BLG_S4 BLG_H4 BLG_U1 BLG_L2">Photos by: Jessica Douglas<div>Retouched with: JDP Presets</div><div>Photographed with: Canon R5</div></div><div data-tokenid="text4" class="slide-asset BLG_F21 BLG_W2 BLG_S4 BLG_H4 BLG_U1 BLG_L2">November usually isn't the most prettiest of seasons. BUT, the fall decided to stick around and coupled with the families outfits, my colour palette was in dream mode. Although it was very windy and cold, they braved the session and we had a ton of fun! I just can't get over all the burnt orange colours and the softness of the grass colours!</div><div data-tokenid="text9" class="slide-asset BLG_F21 BLG_W7 BLG_S5 BLG_H4 BLG_L2 BLG_U1">View Full Gallery</div>`;</script><template data-pt-type='blog' data-pt-slideshowid='63fd0ce62862122918991f9b' data-pt-features='' data-pt-filtertags=''></template><script src='' type='text/javascript' data-pt-scriptslideshowid='63fd0ce62862122918991f9b'></script>